We have provided answers to some of our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us at (510) 642-2427 or at CalAthleticsFund@berkeley.edu if you have any additional questions.

How do I make a gift?

To give online: Visit give.berkeley.edu/athletics. To make a gift to the Cal Athletics Fund, enter your donation amount. To give to a particular athletic program, select the program in the drop-down menu.

To give over the phone with a credit card, call the Cal Athletics Fund at (510) 642-2427. (We do not keep donor credit card numbers on file).

To give by mail, mail your check to:

The Cal Athletics Fund
195 Haas Pavilion
Berkeley, CA 94720-4422

Make your check out to the “UC Berkeley Foundation” for any Endowed Seating Program and Save Cal Rugby, Save Cal Baseball and Save Cal Men’s Gymnastics contributions.

For any other gifts, make your check out to UC Regents or call the Cal Athletics Development Office at (510) 642-2427 if you are unsure who to make your check out to.

If you are giving by check to a specific sport or fund, please include the name of the sport or fund on the memo line or on an enclosed note.

Are gifts to Cal Athletics tax deductible?

Yes. Gifts to Cal Athletics are considered philanthropic contributions in support of Cal’s 875 student-athletes. In instances where donations are necessary for football and men’s basketball season ticket privileges, IRS rules consider 20% of seat donations as benefits received and as 80% tax deductible.

Example: If you are making a $1,200 gift to the Cal Athletics Fund as part of your men’s basketball season-ticket package, $960 of that gift (80%) is tax-deductible and $240 (20%) is not.

Can I decline benefits?

Yes. Donors may request that no goods or benefits be received in exchange for donations, ensuring a gift remains 100% tax-deductible. Declining benefits includes declining season-ticket privileges and benefits.

What is the tax ID number for Cal Athletics?

Tax ID Numbers
UC Berkeley Foundation: 94-6090626
UC Regents: 94-6002123

Cal Athletics accepts gifts through the UC Berkeley Foundation and through UC Regents.

All Endowed Seating Program, Save Cal Rugby, Save Cal Baseball and Save Cal Men’s Gymnastics gifts must be directed to the UC Berkeley Foundation.

For any other gifts, make your check out to UC Regents or call the Cal Athletics Fund at (510) 642-2427 if you are unsure who to make your check out to.

If you are giving by check to a specific sport or fund, please include the name of the sport or fund on the memo line or on an enclosed note.

Can I make a gift of stock or other securities?

Yes. Gifts can be made through the UC Berkeley Foundation. Please visit our giving securities website for more information.

Does Cal accept corporate matching gifts?

Yes. Hundreds of companies currently match their employees’ gifts to UC Berkeley. Be sure to consult your company’s policy for matching gifts in order to determine whether you will receive full benefits and priority point credit for the company’s portion. To find out if your company will match your gift to Cal Athletics, please consult our employer matching gift search on our Employer Matching Gifts website.

Can I schedule a gift to be made on a recurring schedule?

Yes. Gifts can be scheduled on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Visit give.berkeley.edu/athletics to select the fund for your gift, then select the “Recurring” option.

What is the difference between a pledge, a straight pledge and a recurring gift?

A pledge is an ongoing, annual commitment that is usually paid off within four of five years. A straight pledge on the other hand, is typically a one-time commitment recorded in anticipation of a donation. Recurring gifts resemble pledges in that they are ongoing donations; still, recurring gifts are different from pledges in that there is no monetary commitment attached to recurring gifts. Instead, a donor can choose when to begin and end his or her recurring giving.

I work for UC Berkeley. Can I have my donation taken from my paycheck?

Yes. Gifts can be made through payroll deduction. Visit the UC Berkeley Foundation website for more information and for an online authorization form.

Can I make a gift of property or items of value?

Sometimes. Cal Athletics accepts Gifts-in-Kind only in cases where the gift offsets a necessary operating expense. Gifts-in-kind must be approved by the Cal Athletics Fund before being accepted. E-Mail the Cal Athletics Fund at CalAthleticsFund@berkeley.edu to discuss your gift-in-kind.

My contact information has changed. How do I update my contact information with Cal Athletics?

For any change of contact information (including name, phone number, email address or mailing address), please email both the Athletic Ticket Office [ATO] (ato@berkeley.edu) and Cal Athletics Fund (CalAthleticsFund@berkeley.edu) with the old and new information.

If you do not use e-mail, please call both offices at (510) 642-2427 (Cal Athletics Fund) or 1 800 GO BEARS Ext. 3 (ATO).

Can my friend and I share a donor account?

No. Donor and season ticket accounts may only be held in the name of an individual, an individual and spouse, or a business/corporation. Unfortunately, all donation, ticket and priority point history earned in an account cannot be transferred.

How do I make sure my gift directly helps student-athletes?

Any gift to the Cal Athletics Fund, scholarship funds or sport-specific annual funds directly contribute towards the daily expenses, travel costs, uniform and gear expenses and the academic services necessary for our student-athletes to excel in the classroom, in competition and in life.

How can I support student-athlete academic services and professional development opportunities?

Every sport-specific annual fund pays for academic service related expenses in addition to other athletic program daily costs.

If you would like to give specifically to an academic and professional support designated fund, please call the Cal Athletics Fund at (510) 642-2427 and request your gift be allocated to the Academic Enhancement Fund. The Academic Enhancement Fund supports all of our 30 athletic programs at the discretion of the Director of Athletics.

You can also give to the Athletic Study Center (for all student-athletes) and/or to The Football Academic Enhancement Fund (a fund established in 2015 for football student-athletes).

What is the “philanthropic allocation” included as part of my gift?

Every donation to Cal Athletics incorporates a 5.0% philanthropic allocation which is directed towards the operation of the fund. This means that 5.0% of every gift impacts Athletics staff and our 30 athletic programs to ensure our department functions at maximum efficiency. If you would like to learn more about the philanthropic allocation of your gift, please click here.

Who can help me with my ticket account, game time, parking and game-day questions?

If you have any ticket purchase and account questions, schedule, parking and game-day questions, please call the Athletic Ticket Office Sales & Service team at 1 800 GO BEARS Ext. 3.

Who can help me with any priority point questions?

You can call the Athletic Ticket Office at 1 800 GO BEARS Ext. 3 or the Cal Athletics Fund at (510) 642-2427. Please ask for Kevin Peach if you have a specific priority points question.

I have to make a donation as part of my season ticket package. Can I give to any sport or only to the sport for which I have season-tickets?

Thank you for your generosity! You are welcome to give to any sport or to the Cal Athletics Fund. Gifts to endowments however, will NOT count towards your season-ticket benefits or priority points.

What are priority points?

Priority Points are the system Cal Athletics uses to equitably assign donor and season ticket benefits. While your annual giving level determines the benefits received (click here for the current benefit chart), priority points are used to rank patrons receiving those benefits and to determine items such as season-ticket locations, parking lot locations, and single-game or postseason ticket locations.

Please note that gifts to endowments or gifts for which you have not accepted benefits DO NOT contribute to your priority point total.

Do I receive benefits and/or a tax deduction for a gift made through a charitable fund?

No. Gifts through charitable funds cannot contribute towards benefits associated with any purchase of season tickets or single game tickets because gifts through a charitable fund are made contingent on the fact that the donor will not receive any benefits normally associated with a gift of that amount.

Please note that Cal Athletics must uphold charitable fund regulations. Cal Athletics is legally obliged to sign a document for every check that our department receives indicating that no gift through a charitable fund will provide benefits to the donor. Many charitable funds believe that the ability to buy a certain seat based on gifts made to Cal Athletics indirectly provides the donor with benefits, thus no longer rendering a gift made through a charitable fund 100% tax deductible.

How do I know if my gift counts towards my benefits as a donor?

Any gift made to the Cal Athletics Fund or to sport annual funds can provide you with associated benefits (so long as you accept benefits when making your gift). Gifts to endowments and gifts through charitable funds do not contribute towards benefits and priority points.

If you are unsure whether your gift provides you with your desired benefits, please contact the Cal Athletics Fund at (510) 642-2427 or at CalAthleticsFund@berkeley.edu.

How do I search for a specific fund online through give.berkeley.edu?

Many members of the Cal Athletics Fund consistently give to a specific fund. If you are visiting give.berkeley.edu/athletics, look for the search box at the top of the page. Begin typing in the name of the fund you are giving to. If you would like to make a gift to a particular program, select the program of your choice in the dropdown menu on give.berkeley.edu/athletics.

I made a gift to Cal Athletics. When should I expect my gift receipt to arrive?

If you made an online gift to Cal Athletics through give.berkeley.edu, you should expect to receive an e-mail from the Berkeley Online Giving office with your gift receipt within a few hours of making your gift.

If you gave over the phone or by mail, you should receive your gift receipt by mail within a few weeks of making your gift.

UC Berkeley and Cal Athletics processes a large volume of gifts every day, leading to a longer gift acknowledgement process for many departments. Every campus department acknowledges gifts differently, especially if they are a larger department (like Athletics). If you gave to Cal Athletics, you should expect to receive an acknowledgement (not gift receipt) for your gift within a few weeks.
Thank you for your support of our student-athletes.

If considerable time has passed and you have not received a gift receipt or acknowledgement, please call the Cal Athletics Fund at (510) 642-2427.

I just made a gift to Cal Athletics. Why does my gift not show up in my online account?

Your gift may not appear immediately in your account due to the our gift processing system. Cal Athletics processes a large volume of gifts every day and while we do our best to process gifts immediately, it takes us up to a few weeks to record gifts in our donors’ accounts.

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