Pledge to California


The 875 student-athletes who don the blue and gold represent California’s tradition of excellence through academics and athletics. They chose Cal because of the incomparable opportunities available to them here at the best public university in the world. They chose Cal because they embrace the rigor and challenge presented on our campus.

Our Golden Bears are intellectually driven and athletically gifted young people. They dream of national trophies, academic honors and Olympic medals; they strive for professional and personal success and work towards bettering their communities. Their conviction and determination are palpable. Coached and taught by the world’s premier academic and athletic faculty, they weave together centuries of wisdom and skill to become our newest generation of leaders.

When you support the young men and women of Cal, you do more than just elevate their student-athlete experience. You provide them with an invaluable gift, the chance to earn a degree and an education at a globally renowned institution.

There are over 450,000 NCAA student-athletes in the United States, and the majority become professionals in an arena outside of sports. When you give to Cal Athletics, you ensure our student-athletes thrive wherever they go.

You guarantee our future. Join our mission today and make a gift to Cal Athletics.

Kobie Pettis

Softball • Junior • Jackson, CA • Legal Studies

“I chose Cal because I wanted to attend the No. 1 public university in the world and play softball at the Division I level. I also chose Cal in order to be close to home and to have my family involved in my college experience. As an older sister, I want to be as involved as possible in my siblings’ lives while still chasing my goals. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to chase this dream of mine. Go Bears!”