Investing in an endowed scholarship cements your legacy at Cal and offers immeasurable returns, providing a lasting stream of annual income to benefit educational and athletic support for Cal’s 875 student-athletes.

Endowed scholarships offer future generations of scholar-athletes the opportunity to attend and compete for Cal. By establishing an endowed scholarship, you are creating an enduring and extraordinary bond between you and hundreds of California student-athletes.

Gifts range from $100,000 to establish a new endowed scholarship fund to upwards of $1,500,000 to create a full scholarship, which will provide enough annually in perpetuity to fully fund a scholar-athlete’s education at Cal.

Endowed scholarship donors are additionally recognized with a named annual scholarship and a scholarship plaque in Haas Pavilion’s main corridors. Scholarship donors are also invited to the annual Cal Athletics Scholarship Banquet.

There are several giving options for endowed scholarship funds * :

• A cash gift or other current assets
• An irrevocable deferred/planned gift
• A bequest

Once an endowed fund is established, additional gifts may be contributed directly to the fund by the general community, thereby increasing the principal value of the endowed fund and elevating the impact your scholarship fund will have in the years to come.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Endowment donations are NOT eligible for football or men’s basketball season-ticket seat donations, but DO earn priority points in the current giving and lifetime giving areas of the priority point formula.

To establish an endowed scholarship, please contact the Cal Athletics Fund staff at (510) 642-2427.