The Cameron Institute

Through the partnership and generous support of Mr. C. Bryan Cameron, Cal will establish a new institute within the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics to create lasting change in the lives of our student-athletes.  This program will advance the holistic development of our 850 student-athletes by ensuring they have access to the support necessary for personal growth, career preparation, leadership development, and community service.


The purpose of the Cameron Institute will be to prepare our student-athletes for their lives after graduation while they compete at the highest levels of academia and intercollegiate athletics. A key pillar of the campus strategic plan is to create a student experience that rivals the academic one available at Cal and the Cameron Institute will move that effort forward in a significant way. Furthermore, as a leader in both thought and action surrounding the student-athlete experience, the Cameron Institute will serve as a model for other universities nationwide seeking to invest in the development and preparedness of their student-athletes.

For more information, please contact us at CalAthleticsFund@berkeley.edu or call 510.642.2427.

Pledge Per Win

Cheer on our Cal football and men’s and women’s basketball teams during the 2019-20 seasons with a fun way to support and celebrate our Golden Bears’ student-athlete experience. Pledge any amount per win and the Cal Athletics Fund will send you a reminder at season’s end for your total amount pledged based on the Bears’ wins in 2019-20.

Discretionary Funding - Football & Men’s Basketball

When you make a gift to Cal Athletics, you provide operational and discretionary support to our 30 athletics programs and 850 student-athletes. While the Cal Athletics Fund staff is charged with fundraising each sport’s annual fund, we are also raising discretionary funds for our Cal football and Cal men’s basketball programs. 


For more information, please contact the Cal Athletics Fund at (510) 642-2427 or CalAthleticsFund@berkeley.edu

Student-Athlete Performance Nutrition Fund

As core as athletic and academic achievements are to Cal Athletics’ margin of excellence, so too is the overall well-being of our 850 student-athletes. The fund supports the maximization of student-athlete performance through meal provision, refueling stations, nutrition expertise and counseling including specialized nutrition plans, and advanced technology for all of our student-athletes across our 30 athletics programs.


For more information, please contact the Cal Athletics Fund at (510) 642-2427 or CalAthleticsFund@berkeley.edu. Thank you for your commitment to the health and wellness of our Golden Bears.




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