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New Wellness Center Takes Cal Football To Next Level

Gift from Paul and Linda White Provides Innovative Resources for Student-Athletes

By: Cal Athletics Fund

When you enter the football wing of California Memorial Stadium on any given day, you will find a buzz of activity. From coaches running positional meetings and student-athletes training to team meals and film review, this area of the stadium is home to everyone affiliated with Cal football. As of January 2024, a newly renovated space has brought even more resources and functionality to the football wing – made possible by UC Berkeley alumni and longtime supporters of Cal athletics, Paul and Linda White.


Paul, a world-renowned anesthesiologist and pain specialist with a long-standing passion for improving health and wellness in intercollegiate athletes, recognizes the importance of a high-quality training and recovery facility for enhancing performance in highly competitive sports like college football and basketball. “In this modern NIL era; it is my hope that the availability of a novel wellness and innovation center dedicated solely to Cal football players will be viewed as providing a real added value by our prospective recruits and their families”, shared Paul. “With the impending arrival of our new Chancellor, Rich Lyons, I anticipate Cal athletics will have a strong ally as we navigate this landscape in the years ahead!"

The Paul F. White Wellness and Innovation Center is located in the north end of the Simpson Center for Student-Athlete High Performance and is a space entirely dedicated to football student-athletes and their holistic well-being. The Center allows these student-athletes to focus on nutrition by having access to an array of healthy snacks, a smoothie bar and pre- and post- workout recovery options. They are also able to receive innovative treatments to facilitate recovery in a state-of-the-art training room that features direct access to cold plunge tubs, interactive rehabilitation and exercise display screens, and improved physical therapy equipment for improving functionality, including a high-intensity Curewave laser device to facilitate recovery from football-related soft tissue injuries. In addition, the Center includes a relaxing rest and recovery area with a Zerobody float pod, individual sleep pods and massage chairs. This facility also provides these elite student-athletes with the space they need to focus on improving their mental performance using the latest mindfulness techniques.


In summary, this unique facility provides the essential elements needed to promote the health and well-being of our talented football student-athletes by providing them with the tools they need to prepare their minds and body to compete at the highest level in intercollegiate football. 


Travers Family Head Football Coach Justin Wilcox acknowledged the importance of this facility sharing, “With Cal football’s focus on providing student-athletes with facilities and resources that will allow them to thrive, Paul White’s gift is truly making a significant impact. Furthermore, in addition to providing current student-athletes with an improved experience, it is helping Cal attract the next generation of football players. “The $1.5 million project provides a critical enhancement to the Cal football program, especially in the changing landscape of college athletics and recruiting.”


Spring practice is well under way in preparation for the upcoming Spring Showcase and the exciting transition to the ACC in August. The Paul F. White Wellness & Innovation Center has already been a game changer for how Cal football trains, prepares and recovers facilitating effective and holistic recovery methods as they gear up for the upcoming season. 

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