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From top left, Reece Whitley, Ron and Stephanie Rivera, Chelsea Spencer, Jim Knowlton, Chancellor Carol Christ, and Dr. Ty-ron Douglas

Cal Athletics Fund Scholarship Celebration

January 27, 2021


Cal Athletics’ annual Scholarship Banquet may have been online this year, but the spirit of the event shined brightly as we honored the generosity of our supporters who provide essential scholarship support to help our student-athletes reach their full potential at Cal and beyond.


Director of Athletics Jim Knowlton provided updates on the excitement surrounding our Golden Bears’ safe return to competition and shared his perspective on the importance of scholarship support now more than ever. Special thanks to Chancellor Carol Christ for sharing her inspirational remarks and continuing to provide invaluable support to our department. Attendees also met Dr. Ty Douglas, our new Associate Athletic Director for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. 


We were thrilled that Ron and Stephanie Rivera shared their motivation for starting the Ron Rivera Linebacker Scholarship and their commitment to the Gender Equity campaign by naming the new softball field. Thank you to softball head coach Chelsea Spencer and junior swimmer Reece Whitley for offering their perspectives on how scholarship support shapes and contributes to the student-athlete experience. 


We enjoyed seeing our student-athletes meet their scholarship sponsors virtually, and we know that next year they will be excited to meet them in person. 

Participating in college athletics has the power to transform our student-athletes’ lives, and our dedicated supporters make this possible for 850 student-athletes each year. On behalf of our student-athletes, coaches, and staff — thank you for the difference you make in the lives of our future leaders and for helping us build athletics programs that make us all proud.

For more information on supporting student-athlete scholarship, please click here.




Edwin E. Lord Jr. Award Fund Scholarship

Sam Wezniak

Jacquelyn Gifford Disney Scholarship

Connor Mack

Vance Haswell Baseball Scholarship

Garret Nielsen

Men's Basketball


Gabe Arrillaga Scholarship

Monty Bowser

Patty & Gene Bonnstetter Basketball Scholarship Fund

Joel Brown

Kevin Johnson Scholarship

Makale Foreman

Excellence in Basketball Scholarship

Matt Bradley

Pete Newell "Big Men" Basketball Scholarship

Andre Kelly

Pete Newell Scholarship

Kuany Kuany

Western and Ruth Logan Scholarship

Jalen Celestine

J. Michael Storm Memorial Scholarship

Lars Thiemann

Edelstone Family Scholarship

Grant Anticevich

Robert Albo Scholarship (Basketball)

DJ Thorpe

Rupert Ricksen Scholarship

Dimitrios Klonaras

Will Hall Athletic Scholarship

Jarred Hyder

Paul F. White - White Mountain Institute Scholarship

Matt Bradley

Schlessinger Athletic Program Scholarship

Grant Anticevich

Women's Basketball


Elizabeth Adela Wykoff Brock Memorial Scholarship

Evelien Lutje Schipholt

Alisa Lewis Memorial Women's Basketball Scholarship

Fatou Samb

Kenneth and Dolorous Knight Women's Basketball Scholarship

Sela Heide

Mary and Frank J. Schlessinger Endowed Women's Basketball Scholarship

Jazlen Green

Mary Dee Karp Women's Basketball Scholarship

Ornela Muca

Toshiko Namimatsu and Harumi Kanazawa Athletic Scholarship

Archer Olson

Sheldeen Osborne Scholarship

Jazlen Green

Dr. Saul V. Becker Endowment Fund Scholarship

Sierra Richey

Joanne Garvey Women's Basketball Scholarship

Alma Elsnitz

Lynda Brothers Women's Basketball Scholarship

Dalayah Daniels

Jason Kidd Scholarship

Leilani McIntosh

James R. and Mina Jenner Scholarship Fund

Jazlen Green

Nancy Orear and Teresa Basgall Women’s Basketball Scholarship

Cailyn Crocker

Bruce A. Firestone Athletic Scholarship

Michelle Onyiah

Men's Crew


Harold D. Pischel Endowed Scholarship for Men's Crew

Olav Molenaar

John Gregory Rhodes Men's Crew Scholarship

Angus Dawson

Stephen C. Gladstone Athletic Scholarship Fund

George Finlayson

Ky Ebright Scholarship

Matthew Mesman

Jim Lemmon Cal Men's Crew Scholarship Fund

Christoph Seifriedsberger

Hans J. Jensen 1948 Olympic Crew Team Scholarship

Elliot Kemp

The Shirley Friedman Scholarship Fund

Daton Wolfaardt

Women's Crew


Harold Martin Fund Scholarship

Kailani Marchak

Jill Costello Memorial Scholarship

Julia Maguire

Ruth Logan Student-Athlete Scholarship

Lindsay Noah

Fortieth Anniversary Scholarship Trust Fund

Issy Cassidy

Field Hockey


Edith A. and C.W. Brown Scholarship

Makaela Hoang

Henry S. Barbour Family Scholarship

Cato Knipping

James M. and Catherine P. Koshland Women's Field Hockey Scholarship

Brynn Zorilla

Donna Fong Scholarship Fund

Zoe Rogers

Women's 25th Anniversary Legacy Scholarship

Jane Onners

Pooja and Vivek Shah Field Hockey Endowment

Megan Rodgers



Harold O. Woolsey Fund Scholarship

Zeandae Johnson

Andrew Latham Smith Scholarship

Mike Saffell

Jake Curhan

Arlington C. and Beverly B. Charter Memorial Scholarship

Chris Brown

Ben Lom Athletic Fund Scholarship

DeJuan Butler

Brent Woodall Memorial Scholarship

Gavin Reinwald

Buck Athletic Endowment

Matthew Cindric

Carol D. Soc Memorial Football Endowment Scholarship

Camryn Bynum

The Charles T. Travers Football Athletic Scholarship

Mike Saffell

Charlotte Johnson Guggenhime Scholarship

Nikko Remigio

David L. Maggard Football Scholarship

McKade Mettauer

Dink Artal Scholarship

Elijah Mojarro

J. Scott Duncan Memorial Fund Scholarship

Jamieson Sheahan

Joe Roth Memorial Scholarship

Jacob Tonges

Peter Schabarum Football Scholarship

Elijah Hicks

Raleigh Shaklee Men's Athletic Scholarship Endowment

Gentle Williams

Ron Rivera Football Linebacker Scholarship

Kuony Deng

Thomas Whitesides Memorial Scholarship

Josh Drayden

William and Iona Main Endowment Fund Scholarship

Makai Polk

William S. Detwiler & Mary Jane Detwiler Athletic Scholarship

Monroe Young

Arechaederra Scholarship for Cal

Evan Tattersall

Lynn "Pappy" Waldorf Endowment Fund Scholarship

Chase Garbers

Aaron Rodgers Football Scholarship

Marcel Dancy

Scott Roseman Football Scholarship

Collin Moore

Travers Family Football Endowed Scholars

Daniel Scott

Cliff and Judy Higgerson Athletic Scholarship

Devon Modster

Men's Golf


Robert G. Tuck Memorial Golf Grant-In-Aid Fund Scholarship

Connor Golembeski

Edward and Mollie Arnold Golf Grant-In-Aid Fund Scholarship

Kaiwen Liu

Edward H. and Lynn Little Men's Golf Scholarship

Sampson Zheng

John E. Lloyd Golf Endowment Fund Scholarship

James Song

Marin County Golf Grant-In-Aid Fund Scholarship

Finigan Tilly

Men's Golf Grant-In-Aid Fund Scholarship

Costas Panay

Sacramento Valley Golf Grant-In-Aid Fund Scholarship

Brendan Hy

Steve Desimone Scholarship for Men's Golf

Finigan Tilly

William V. Power Golf Endowment Fund Scholarship

Kaiwen Liu

Feibusch Men's Golf Scholarship

Kento Yamawaki

Oppenheim - Slagle Scholarship

Aaron Du

Cal Fiji Scholarship

James Song

Patricia and Kent Newmark Men's Golf Scholarship

Connor Golembeski

Frank Brunk Golf Scholarship

Kaiwen Liu

Ted Helgans Memorial Cal Men’s Golf Scholarship

Sebastian Iqbal

Women's Golf


Ardyce Handlery Ladies Golf Scholarship

Jasmine Lew

Edward H. and Lynn Little Women's Golf Scholarship

Kristine Tran

Edward M. Burnham Family Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Cristina Ochoa

Friends of Cal Women's Golf Scholarship

Sofia Lundell

Judith W. Isaac Women's Golf Scholarship

Jasmine Lew

Leta Nelson Women's Golf Scholarship

Katherine Zhu

Nancy J. Hayhurst Memorial Scholarship

Elena Arias

Patricia and Kent Newmark Endowment Fund Scholarship

Tzu-Yi Chang

Ronald C. Lee Women's Golf Fund Scholarship

Kaylee Jeon

Rosemary and Edward Mein Women's Golf Scholarship

Kaylee Jeon

Newmark Women's Golf Scholarship

Katherine Zhu

Eleanor Danielson Schaefer Scholarship

Sofia Lundell

Ginger Lamberson Women's Golf Scholarship

Mika Jin

James L. and Jane B. Ryan Women's Golf Scholarship

Kristine Tran

Men's Gymnastics


Jesse Choper Award

Caleb Rickard

The Dr. Hal Frey Men's Gymnastics Scholarship

Darren Wong

The Effie Lee Morris Jones Scholarship

Noah Newfeld

Women's Gymnastics


Cleo C. and Robert A. Stoker Scholarships

Kyana George

Meyers-Putnam Family Athletic Award Scholarship

Abigail "Abi" Solari

Women's Gymnastics Endowment Scholarship

Maya Bordas

Bank of the West Scholarship

Nina Schank

Stone Family Scholarship

Alma Kuc



J.E. and Elizabeth C. Tippett Endowed Fund Scholarship

Ella Annest

Jean and Stacy Dobrzensky Women's Intercollegiate Athletics Scholarship

Marina Smith

Arthur C. Heaton Lacrosse Scholarship

Ashley Ward

Sui Bernhard Fund

Nikki Zaccaro

Men's Soccer


Lt. Col. Edward Hoffman Scholarship

Christian Gomez

Robert B. Levy Men's Soccer Scholarship

Tommy Williamson

Rolling Thunder Scholarship

Francisco Perez

David Eckles Scholarship

Fernando Lara

Eloi Vasquez Memorial Scholarship

Adrian Guzman

Women's Soccer


Bill Merrell Women's Soccer Scholarship

Amanda Zodikoff

Isabella Hill Perkins Soccer Scholarship Fund

Emily Smith

Jennifer Thomas Women's Soccer Scholarship

Kailee Gifford

Martha and Bernice Lee Scholarship

Paige Metayer

Janet and Wilson Cosby Scholarship

Abena Aidoo

Jeff Kent Women Driven Scholarship

Whitney Davis



Donna Terry Softball Scholarship

Makena Smith

Dr. Luella J. Lilly Softball Scholarship Fund

D'Asha Saiki

Women's "C" Society Scholarship

Mikayla Coelho

D. John Miller Family Scholarship

Sabrina Nunez

Men's Swimming & Diving


Bear Splash Club Endowment Scholarship

Destin Lasco

Sean Grieshop

James C. Small Student Aid Fund Scholarship

Reece Whitley

Fred C. Gerdes Grant-In-Aid Fund Scholarship

Bryce Mefford

Ludy Langer Scholarship

Daniel Carr

Friends of Cal Aquatics Endowment - Floyd Fund Scholarship

Ryan Hoffer

Nort Thornton Men's Swimming Scholarship

Björn Seeliger

Women's Swimming & Diving


Afton E. Crooks Swimming Scholarship

Ema Rajic

Ann Curtis Cuneo Swimming Scholarship

Robin Neumann

Barbara Stark Jordan Women's Swimming Scholarship

Isabel Ivey

Joyce Ekman Davis Swimming Scholarship

Sarah Darcel

Mary T. Meagher Swimming Scholarship

Rachel Klinker

Robert F. Kerley Scholarship

Isabelle Stadden

Wiesenfeld Women's Swimming Scholarship

Ayla Spitz

Teri McKeever Women’s Swimming Scholarship

Alicia Wilson

Carter Family Scholarship

Ali Harrison

Men's Tennis


Chang Family Scholarship

Yuta Kikuchi

Edward G. Chandler Scholarship

Ben Draper

James McManus Scholarship for Men's Tennis

Paul Barretto

John Gorton Davis Tennis Scholarship

Jacob Brumm

Raymond Casey Memorial Fund for the Intercollegiate Tennis Program Scholarship

Jack Molloy

Feibusch Men's Tennis Scholarship

Ben Draper

Sullivan Family Scholarships for Men's Tennis

Thomas Wright

Yuta Kikuchi

Kent Hunter

Edmund L. Levy Scholarship Fund

Philip Hjorth

Sat & Padma Mahajan Goldman Sachs Scholarship

Kent Hunter

Rupert Ricksen Scholarship

Jacob Brumm

Women's Tennis


Anna McCune Harper Tennis Scholarship

Erin Richardson

Edward H. and Lynn Little Women's

Tennis Scholarship

Haley Giavara

Eleanor "Toddy" Dawson Johnson Endowment Fund Scholarship

Haley Giavara


Ford Scholarship

Hannah Viller Moller

Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman Tennis Scholarship

Jada Bui

Isabella Hill Perkins Tennis Scholarship

Valentina Ivanov

Margaret Jessee Warren Tennis Scholarship

Anna Bright

Roberta Sung Scholarship

Julia Rosenqvist

Stacy Savides Sullivan Athletic Scholarship Fund

Anna Bright

Helen Wills Roark Scholarship Fund

Julia Rosenqvist

Track & Field

Al Ragan Track and Field Scholarship

Noelle Schiller

Bruce Kennedy Track & Field Scholarship

Camryn Rogers

Bank of the West Scholarship

Adaeze Noble

Brutus Hamilton Track Scholarship

Brie Oakley

Don Bowden Track & Field Scholarship

Mina Anglero

Edina Kaas Heagerty '26 Scholarship

Windy Margerum

Hank and Nettie Waring Fund Scholarship

Deandre McDaniel

James V. Huhn Track and Field Scholarship

Jared Geredes

Orlando Tafoya Family Award Scholarship

Moises Medrano

Proverb Jacobs and Mimi Johnson Jacobs Endowed Track Scholarship

Deshae Wise

Track Scholarship Fund

Henry Larkin

William Ray and Susan Cleary Garratt Scholarship

Maisie Stevens

Michael Wood Track Scholarship Fund

Dwight "Joshua" Johnson

Sanjay Kettels

Amari Turner

Annie Boos

Larry Peirano Track and Field Scholarship Fund

Sydney Reid

Erv Hunt Track & Field Scholarship

Sara East

Rowena Hamilton Memorial Scholarship

Ezinne Abba



Alice & Sidney Schwartz Fund for Athletics

Katarina Pantovic


Class of 1938 Women's Volleyball Scholarship

Jade Blevins

Joan Parker Scholarship

Isabel Potter


Lalanne Family Scholarship for Men's and Women's Athletics

Isabella "Bella" Bergmark

Women's Volleyball Endowed Scholarship

Lydia Grote

Men's Water Polo


Bear Splash Club Endowment Scholarship

Nikos Delagrammatikas

Miles O'Brien-Schridde


Blockhus Family Scholarship

Sam Untrecht

Daron Craft Memorial Scholarship for Men's Water Polo

Nikolaos Papanikolaou

Pete Cutino Men's Water Polo Scholarship

Marko Valecic

Women's Water Polo

Jay Hamerslag Athletic Scholarship

Brigit Mulder

Sally Mayne Fund Scholarship

Isabel Williams

Violet Richardson Ward/Soroptomist International of Berkeley Fund

Claire Sonne

Sue Ann Sisson Scholarship

Carson Broad

Steven Alan Beilock Swimming and Water Polo Scholarship

Cassidy Ball

Anne and Jim Wagner Water Polo Scholarship

Ruby Swadling



Carol Kavanagh Clarke Scholarship Award

LeAnn Nguyen | Cal Dance Team

Mari Wong | UC Rally Committee

Jazz Van Horn | UC Rally Committee

Leonard & Judy Chong Spirit Award

LeAnn Nguyen | Cal Dance Team

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